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NeMe-Ambiguous bodies:timeless interpretations – Part Β

17 Ιανουαρίου 2018 - 19:13

NeMe-Ambiguous bodies:timeless interpretations – Part Β

NeMe and the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki invite you to the exhibition Ambiguous bodies: timeless interpretations – Part Β which will be presented at the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki on 27 January 2018 at 1pm.

From the vague representations of antiquity and up to present time, gender, body and its ambiguous or clarified identity, remain fundamental issues, constantly revolving their interpretive and sociological strategies.

Using as an inspirational foundation the Cypriot prehistoric figurines, and in particular the notable lack of clarity regarding their gender indications, artists from Cyprus and Greece, assuming the role of “creative archaeologists” – are invited to creatively approach this major interpretive issue, which today employs to a large extent, post-cultural theory: gender, the body and its sex, the ambiguity (or refusal) of gender, as it has been shaped and formed for centuries. The artists are invited to construct (or de-construct) stereotypes, to shape their own fertile arguments on controversial gender identities.

Exhibition duration: 27.01.2018-24.03.2018

Participating artists:
Yiannis Avramides, John Bardakos, Evangelia Basdeki, Lizzie Calligas, Kyriacos Cabadakis, Kostis Fokas, Elina Ioannou, Niki Kanagini, Anneta Kapon, Akis Karanos, Maria Lianou, Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Natasha Papadopoulou, Michalis Papamichael, Charalambos Sergiou, Vaso Hadjoulli Sergiou, Panicos Tembriotis

Glitch Artists Collective (onlineweb project)
Alexandros Plomaritis (opening performance, 27/01/2018)
Hector Mavrides – Anat Pick – Costis Drygianakis (closing performance 24/03/2018)

The parallel events’ and guided tours program will be announced.

Curator: Areti Leopoulou, Art historian – curator CACT/SMCA

Co- production
NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol (20 May-3 June, 2017, Part A of the exhibition)
Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki – State Museum of Contemporary Art (Part B of the exhibition)
Coordination in Cyprus: NeMe
Coordination in Greece: CACT
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