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ALDO: Η καινούργια συλλογή που θα λατρέψετε!

04 Μαΐου 2021 - 08:32

ALDO: Η καινούργια συλλογή που θα λατρέψετε!

Can a pair of shoes change our lives? Maybe not. But the way we walk with them can make all
the difference.

The Spring 2021 collection from ALDO is inspired by love. In love for others and also in selflove. Step Into Love is having the courage and self-confidence to embrace the World and show
it with style.


The Sneaker Shop

Kick it old school in nostalgic statement styles that nod to a time when dad sneakers and
degradé pastels reigned supreme.

From lace-ups to chunky silhouettes, there truly is a style to perfectly casualize any look.
Bold colour blocking, high shine accents, and cut out details bring these styles into the new
age. While they may be easy on the eyes, these stunners are more than just their looks.
Elasticized uppers built from mixed media materials like terry cloth, flexible leathers and
athletic mesh provide the lightest feel underfoot.

With bold design and layers of comfort, these sneakers bring a whole new meaning to lounging
in style.


Electric Feel

The vibe? Energetic, bold, and fearless.
From 80’s inspired closed toe sling-backs to geometric mules and sleek sock booties, these
silhouettes transcend time and space. As if their electric shades of green, blue and pink
weren’t eye-catching enough, they’re also sculpted to a tee.

Stabilizing straps and asymmetrical construction add new dimension, while slab, round and
block heels keep a steady foot.
Outfitted with padded insoles, flexible constructions and soft leather uppers, there’s no
competition—it’s game over with these beauties.


Sweet Dreams

Dream a dream of soft elegance.
Classic spring styles are elevated through open back slides, flatforms and delicate mid-heeled
silhouettes. Sweetness and simplicity are captured through soft blues, nudes, lilacs and blush
pinks that pastel dreams are made of.

Minimal yet feminine details like quilting, lucite straps, and square toe finishes add nothing but
luxury to these delicacies. Built with flexible and pillowy materials these silhouettes are as light
and effortless as they look.

Pretty and dainty, sweet dreams are made of these.

Sustained Style

Responsible style that’s both closet and planet approved.
With sustainable fabrics made of recycled knits, nylons and waterborne polyurethane, these
silhouettes are flexible and have padded insoles for comfort in every step.

Oversized and multi-pocket totes are every bit as practical as they are covetable while ankle
strap sandals come in varying flatform heights for those who want to lay low or others who
appreciate the boost.

The original RPPL sneaker is revamped with elastic heel material, translucent outsoles,
tempered colors and iridescent finishes.
Finally styles that look good while doing good.

Flex Shoes

Flexible for greater comfort.
Whether for daily durability or resistance through a special event, the flexible sole of these
models maintains all the necessary comfort through integrated TredFlex air technology.
For her or him, a light, comfortable and totally flexible model to provide greater comfort!

The Handbag Shop

Handbags are never too many.
They are an indispensable accessory in any look.
This Season, the pastel tones with bold colors associated with prints came in force!
Micro suitcases are highlighted with more and more specific shapes.
Padded or structured oversize suitcases continue to be a strong trend.
The 80's return to the stage with increasingly sophisticated details.
The hard part will be choosing!

Some of the pieces of the new collection:


Sneaker Shop

Comfort and trend!
Men's sneakers are gaining more prominence.
From casual to urban sneakers, they are all ideal for a more everyday style.
Without a doubt, a touch of style to any look!

Mr. B´s

Meticulously manufactured!
Mr. B’s is a timeless collection, made up of essentials, which are always a safe choice!
Whether sophisticated sneakers, leather shoes in european chic style or formal shoes finished
in the right dose, these models always have a refined touch.
A whole world of trends with a very unique twist!

About ALDO

The ALDO Group is one of the most important fashion retailers in the world, with more than
20,000 members in the team worldwide and around 200 million customers who visit our stores
each year.
Specializing in the design and production of fashionable and affordable footwear and
accessories, ALDO has unmatched knowledge of the footwear retail business.
By the end of 2015, the ALDO Group had more than 3,000 stores worldwide, operating in 90
countries and on all continents except Antarctica.

Some of the pieces of the new collection:



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