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Κύπρος 1965 - δείτε ένα σπάνιο έγχρωμο ντοκουμέντο

13 Νοεμβρίου 2021 - 08:02

Κύπρος 1965 - δείτε ένα σπάνιο έγχρωμο ντοκουμέντο

Cyprus travelogue.

Aerial shots of the Cyprus coast, Kyrenia harbour and St. Hilarion. Aerial shots of ruined castle and mountainous regions. M/S of blue sea washing against the shore. A young woman in yellow bikini walks out of the sea onto a very secluded beach and dries herself with a towel. The narrator refers to Cyprus as "Aphrodite's island" in reference to its beauty and tranquility.

More aerial shots over ancient Cyprus. Visible is an old amphitheatre and large pillars. M/S of a statue with no head. This is the ancient city of Salamis. Various shots of local woman (Archaeologists) digging sand. We are told that they are looking for a hidden city. M/S of small train going up hill.

In Nicosia the capital we see a M/S of a man hitting a copper plate with a hammer which the narrator tells us is like "...their ancestors used to do." L/S's of Nicosia street (known as murder mile). M/S of car driving down very sandy roads. The camera pans right to reveal an old man in turban leading a camel behind him.

Numerous shots of an olive grove. Men and women picking fruit and and throwing it into baskets. M/S of small child sitting on floor watching the harvest. M/S of small child sitting on floor watching. M/S of man carrying basket of fruit on his back. C/U of of lemons on tree (or limes) Numerous M/S's, L/S's and C/U's of Bella Pais - a ruined monastery. M/S of donkey walking in circle on farmland working a well. M/S of water pouring from well.

L/S of jet airliner from London coming into land bringing with it many holidaymakers. M/S of people coming down steps of plane. Various shots of tourist walking around Cypriot street markets. M/S of a sheep being led off a bus with other passengers!. M/S of a man struggling to control a large a black bull. Numerous shots of holidaymakers looking around market.

M/S of old man ringing church bell. As the weight of the bell pulls the rope upwards the old man is lifted off the ground. M/S's of Priests, one rings bell while another is scene painting. They all have bushy white beards.! M/S's and C/U's of three hunters with their dogs walking down country lane. They are all carrying shot guns. One man is wearing a belt with dead birds hanging from it. M/S's of people in quiet village. M/S's of people playing board games, and playing cards, one man is seen reading a newspaper.

M/S's and C/U's of old woman smoking out the "Evil Eye" (a local superstition) from Ali-baba jars. This contrasts to the "British innovation" of the Royal Oak restaurant. We see M/S's of visitors climbing up to the restaurant which has been built in a large oak tree. M/S of woman looking out from balcony on top of tree. C/U of woman eating grapes from table.

M/S of crowds in the capital. M/S of policeman in uniform (looks very British) talking to crowds. L/S's of gay parade taking place in streets. A group of young men stand in line drumming, there is a general feeling of a carnival atmosphere. C/U of Makarios's brother in crowd. M/S of the Archbishop / Politician Makarios being greeted. M/S of Makarios putting on robes. Camera tracks through men on either side of picture towards open doorway.

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